Friday, April 17, 2009

The Ultimate Publishing Blogroll

We are compiling a giant list of publishing blogs for the May issue of Publishing Trends. We'll also be posting it online and constantly updating it on our BRAND NEW WEBSITE (coming very soon, stay tuned!) What are your favorite publishing blogs? Whether they are about books, design, or writing or are from publishing houses or literary agencies, e-mail them to me or list them in the comments.


Agata said...

Hi Laura,
Here is my favourite books design blog:
And a select few others on publishing in general:

André said...

Hello Laura,

publishing blogs in German:

Yen said...

Hi Laura -- I'm really interested in ebooks / digital publishing / etc. so these are some "future of publishing" blogs I follow:

I also list a bunch of publishing industry, bookstore and literary blogs at The Book Publicity Blog (

Anonymous said...

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allan said...

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Anonymous said...

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sanju shrestha said...

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