Friday, October 10, 2008

Survey Results: When Is Happy Hour?

It's Friday, and it's been a hard week. If you're going to happy hour with a publishing crowd after work today, expect lots of people to order red wine--the drink of choice for 35.8% of respondents. 16.7% prefer white. One respondent just loves "good delicious wine." 5.3% go for vodka tonics, and 3.5% like Bud Light.

But many more do NOT like Bud Light. We're sorry we didn't give beer lovers more choices, and they called us out on it:

  • "Beer that isn't Bud Light. Yeesh."
  • "Any beer but Bud Light"
  • "Come on folks, a publishing survey without craft beers? We're not all girls."
Sorry. We'll add microbrews to the list next year.

For now, what's your favorite happy hour spot? Let us know in the comments.


Figure1 said...

I often find myself at Another Room on West Broadway in Tribeca because my girlfriend's office is across the street. It's dark and the bartender is mean, though. Sigh.

Pen Pen said...

'Agora's on Westheimer! It an old house that has wood floors, wifi and couches. They have musicians that perform at night, but I'm usually there writing while it's still light out and u can play some 90's rock on the jukebox. I live in Houston and it's located right across from the indie bookstore,'Domy Books'.