Thursday, November 8, 2007

Media & Money, Kings & Castles

Nielsen and DowJones sponsored a conference focused on, well Media and Money, though with few exceptions, they forgot that books are part of the Media landscape. Jeff Berg, Chairman and CEO of ICM, mentioned that movies were the only medium that has used the same method -- a projector in a theater -- to disseminate its content for the last hundred years, presumably forgetting momentarily about the bound book.

Still, Michael Eisner mentioned Remembrance of Things Past not once, but twice in his talk; and Sumner Redstone had some great, albeit nonspecific, references to what writers do: Speaking of media in general he said, "this is an industry that thrives on good old-fashioned storytelling." And later he announced: "If content is king, copyright is its castle." Quick, print up the t-shirts and take to the streets.

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